Major service update


We have released a major update to the service. This release affects all existing users.

While we have made lots of updates and tweaks to almost every part of the service, here are the biggest and most important changes.

All features are now enabled for all users

We changed our subscription system so that all users, even those without a subscription, can use all our features. The only limit that exists now is the amount of secrets that can be stored monthly, which is defined by the subscription. Also all users with a subscription above the basic level can use a subdomain. See our plans for more info.

Templates have been replaced with Custom Pages

The old templates feature was confusing and not very easy to use. It has been replaced with a much simpler system called Custom Pages, which makes it possible to separately add logo, edit texts in content blocks and so on. The old templates feature has been removed, any page using it will now show the default page layout instead.


We have released a completely new, easy to use REST API. This API can be used to create custom, completely self-hosted store secret and view secret pages. Read more on the API docs page.

Let us know what you think

We will of course continue to develop new features and improve existing ones in the future too. Please feel free to give us any kind of feedback regarding these updates or the service in general. We would also love to know what kind of new features you would like to see. Get in touch!