Secret Request templates


You can now add custom fields to Secret Requests using our new Secret Request templates feature.

Support for multiple languages


Password.Link now supports French, German, and Spanish, in addition to English. We plan to add more languages in the future to enhance your experience. Once logged in, you can set your preferred language in your account settings. We welcome your feedback on our translations. Please let us know if you find any missing or incomplete translations, or if there's a specific language you'd like to see supported.



We're excited to announce the launch of our brand new blog at Password.Link! Stay updated with the latest insights, tips, and trends in cybersecurity, exclusively on our blog. Get ready for expert advice, industry news, and in-depth articles tailored to enhance your online security. Don't miss out—visit our blog today and fortify your digital defenses with Password.Link!

Requests with Branding


We added Secret Requests with Branding so that you can send your customers the best version of your requests. Check it out today!



Along with the templates feature that allows customization of pages related to viewing a secret, we are now introducing a full white-labeling feature. This will help you align the platform with your company's branding. The new branding feature allows you to change the top logo, navbar colors and the overall color scheme of the service. The feature is immediately available to all users. Enjoy!

Secure your secrets with CAPTCHA


From now you can secure your secret with an additional CAPTCHA. Since the beginning we introduced the view button. Now we are adding a simple CAPTCHA, so that security scanners cannot access your secrets in corporate environment. Check it out today!

Roles and Rights arrived!


We are introducing the roles: owner, admin and user. The owner can change or delete them in Teams > Members section. We created a beneficial feature for our enterprise customers and hope you are happy with it. More roles and rights to come in the foreseeable future. Check it out today!

Subscription pricing adjustments


Subscription prices will be higher from 2023-05-01 We have been stable for years. Now that we also get pricing raises from our service providers, we are following. Basic 18.99 - Advanced 38.99 - Pro 58.99 - Enterprise remain. In the same process we will also raise the shareable secrets per subscription.

QR code to open secrets


Now every time you create a secret, also a QR code is generated. Download and share it. Check out the new QR code feature today!