Secure one-time password solutions, founded in 2016, facilitates secure information sharing with a focus on privacy and encryption. It allows users to send passwords securely and share sensitive data through one-time links and encrypted attachments. Emphasizing client-side encryption, the platform ensures data is encrypted before it leaves the user's browser, maintaining confidentiality. caters to individual and team needs, offering features like one-time password links, bulk secret creation from CSV files, and customizable security settings. It integrates seamlessly into various workflows with options for custom branding and domains.

In addition to our core offerings, also provides custom solutions, catering to the unique requirements of different organizations. This includes the development of self-hosted one-time link services, personalized secure secret delivery systems, and integration with existing authentication and operational workflows. Our services are adaptable, offering total control over data and functionality, with flexible licensing and the option for complete source code access. Our expertise in secure software development ensures that each custom solution meets the highest standards of security and efficiency.

Our services are developed and based in the EU, ensuring compliance with stringent European data protection and privacy standards. This geographic advantage means that data handling, storage, and processing align with GDPR requirements, offering an added layer of security and trust for organizations concerned about data sovereignty and privacy regulations.