Templates allow basic customization of the following pages:

  • View secret
  • Secret already viewed
  • Secret expired

A custom logo can be used on all pages, also all branding can be removed from these pages.

Page templates

At Templates > Page templates the following pages can be customized:

  • View secret
  • Secret already viewed
  • Secret expired
  • Secret request

To edit the template, use the Edit template button. To preview the template, use the View template button.

Several content blocks of each page can be edited. To show the original content for the block, disable the field by unchecking the Enable field checkbox. To hide the block, enable it but leave the content blank.

To hide the original navbar and footer, uncheck the Show navbar and Show footer checkboxes.

To actually enable the template, check the Enable this template checkbox right above the Save button.


A custom logo can be uploaded at Templates > Logo. The following restrictions apply:

  • The logo must be in one of the following formats: jpg, jpeg, png.
  • The logo must be under 200 kB in size.

Once the logo has been uploaded, it will be automatically used in all enabled custom pages.