A team has one owner who manages all the team settings. The owner cannot be deleted.

Team users don't have access to any settings affecting the team. At the moment all members in the team except the owner are team users.

Team owner manages the subscription and custom pages of the team, and these will be used by all members of the team.

Secrets created by the team members count towards the monthly limit, which is defined by the subscription managed by the team owner.

Team members cannot see each other's secrets.


Team members are listed at Team > Members.

The page shows the name, email address, role and monthly usage for all members.

You can also delete members on this page.

The maximum amount of members in the team is defined by the subscription.


New members can be invited to the team at Team > Invites.

To invite a new member, enter their email address and click Send invite. An invitation email containing a link to create an account and join the team will be sent to the given email address. The link expires in 24 hours.

To resend an invite, first delete it from the invites list and then send it again.

Team name

Initially the owner's name is used as the team name. To change the name, go to Team > Settings.