Secure Chat documentation


Secure Chat is an end-to-end encrypted messaging service that functions similarly to one-time links: the chat is exclusive to the users who first join, and it will automatically self-destruct.

Security and privacy

All encryption and decryption processes take place in the browser, employing the industry-standard AES-256-GCM encryption.

The encryption key is known only to those users who access the Secure Chat.

We are unable to decrypt messages and do not log or store any message data.


The following settings can be configured for a Secure Chat:

  • Inactivity threshold: The chat inactivity threshold, defined in minutes, determines how long the Secure Chat can be inactive until it's automatically destroyed. The chat becomes active when the first user joins it.
  • User limit: Defines the user limit for the Secure Chat. When a user joins the Secure Chat, a spot is exclusively reserved for them, preventing additional users from joining.
  • Link expiration time: The link expiration time, defined in hours, determines how long the Secure Chat link remains accessible.
  • Chat expiration time: The chat expiration time, defined in minutes, determines how long the Secure Chat remains usable after the first user joins.