Bulk create links from a CSV file. The file is parsed in the browser, so it's never seen by us. Also the secret is encrypted in the browser.

You can download a new CSV file containing the links at the end of the process. Optionally, you can also email the links directly to the recipients.

The CSV file must have a header row and a field called "secret". The value of the "secret" field will be used as the secret to create the link for.

Sending secrets

For convenience and automation, you can set the created one-time link to be automatically sent to the recipient over email after it has been created. This means that the link must go through our servers.

However, we do not store or log the link at any point - we simply insert it to an email template and pass it to an outgoing email server for sending. In practice this means that while the link goes through our servers we cannot see it.

This feature is completely optional and when not enabled the created one-time link is not sent anywhere.