Password.link is a service that makes delivering passwords over insecure media, like email and chats, easy and secure. All passwords are both encrypted and decrypted in the user's browser using a strong, industry standard AES 256 bit encryption and are accessible only using a special, unique link that is computed when a user submits a password to the service. This in effect means that we never see the actual password or the encryption key used to encrypt it - it is only possible using the special password link.

After the link has been accessed we delete the data from our database so that decrypting the password is no longer possible, even using the original password link. This further enhances the security: if the password link you received does not work, you know it has been already accessed by someone else and should immediately let the password link sender know about it. Additional features, like password view notifications, are available for registered users.

The service is being developed by a Finnish company Refic Oy (VAT ID FI27358926).