Core features

Client-side encryption

The password is encrypted in your browser using an industry standard AES 256 bit encryption and can only be decrypted using the special link you get in return.

Safe storage

We store the encrypted password and a half of the encryption key in our database. The other half (which we never see) is saved directly into the password link.

View once

When the password has been viewed, the ciphertext and our part of the encryption key are deleted from our database. Nobody will be able to see the password again.

Additional features

The basic usage of the service is free and does not require an account, however authenticated users have the following additional features available along with raised usage limits (some of the additional features require a paid subscription, see our plans for more information).

List of stored passwords

Includes e.g. password ID, password description (if set), timestamp when viewed. Actual passwords can't be shown, of course.

Message & description

Set a message to be shown with the password and a description for the password to help distinguish it from other stored passwords.

Email notifications

Receive an email when someone views a password to immediately know it has been delivered.


Our simple HTTP API makes it very easy to integrate into your own application.

Callback URL

When the password has been viewed an HTTP POST request will be sent to the specified URL containing details about the event.


Fully customize the password page to match your brand.