Protect sensitive information

The core of the service - create a secure one-time link to a secret. Keep confidential information out of emails and chats.

Unlike some other services, we encrypt and decrypt the secret directly in the browser. There is no way we can see the actual secret. If you're interested in the technical details of the encryption and decryption, please see our docs.

Request secrets

Create a secret request link for requesting a secret instead of sending one. Very easy way to request login passwords and other secrets from contractors, customers, students and so on!

Configurable settings

The following settings can be configured for a secret:

  • Message: a custom message which will be displayed when the secret is viewed
  • Description: a description for the secret which will be shown only for the user itself on the list of created secrets
  • Expiration time: a time, in hours, after which the secret will be expired and can no longer be viewed
  • Password: a password for the secret
  • View button: requires a button to be clicked before showing the secret (for blocking link previews)


Separate accounts can be created for additional users. Several settings, like custom pages and subscription, are managed by the team administrators and shared between all team members. This makes it easy for new team members to start using the service.


Notifications are a handy way to keep up with what's going on with the secrets. Notifications can be sent by email, as a Slack message or as a webhook for integrating the notifications with any external systems. A notification can be triggered when a secret is created, viewed or has expired.

Page templates and custom domain

The content and layout of all relevant pages can be customized. All our branding can also be removed. This is a perfect way to make the pages look like a part of any brand.

A custom domain, either a subdomain or a domain provided by the customer, can be used as the base URL for the secret.


Our simple REST API can be used to integrate the service into any application. It also makes it possible to encrypt and decrypt the secret outside of our service for maximum security and peace of mind.

Need help with an integration or a custom solution? No problem - just drop us a line.