Our service suits very well for delivering any secrets, not just passwords: VPN pre-shared keys, WiFi passwords, access tokens and so on. Any secret you don't want anyone else than the recipient to know.

Here are our main features. We continuously develop new features and improve existing ones.

Client-side encryption

The secret is encrypted in the browser using an industry standard AES 256 bit encryption and can only be decrypted using the special link generated by the browser.

Safe storage

We store the encrypted secret and a half of the encryption key in our database. The other half (which we never see) is saved directly into the password link.

View once

When the secret has been viewed, the ciphertext and our part of the encryption key are deleted from our database. Nobody will be able to see the secret again.


Notifications can be configured to be sent when a secret has been viewed so you know instantly when the link has been used.

Message & description

Set a message to be shown with the secret and a description to help distinguish it from other stored secrets.

Custom Pages

Customize all relevant pages to match your brand.


Our simple HTTP API makes it very easy to integrate password.link into your own application.

Callback URL

When the secret has been viewed an HTTP POST request will be sent to the specified URL containing details about the event.

List of stored secrets

Includes e.g. password ID, password description (if set), timestamp when viewed. Actual passwords can't be shown, of course.

Secure infrastructure

Our service runs on AWS which provides us with high security and performance.

Encryption at rest

We utilize encryption at rest for our databases. All data in our databases is fully encrypted on disk.

Safe technologies

The service has been built using the latest safe-proven industry standard technologies.